Drone inspection of industrial bin

LinkedIn Post | 20 February 2019

This is an image of a drone inspecting an industrial tank

This short video was recorded during the internal inspection of a not-so-clean industrial structure. It demonstrates how our team was able to complete the inspection better, safer and faster using a drone. There was no limitation to access certain areas, no human exposure to confined space risks such as chemical contamination, and no need to erect scaffolding. Quoting the client: “The drone was highly manoeuvrable (given the tight space with lots of internal bracing) and the footage taken from the drone being very clear. The drone was able to ‘lean-in’ and get close up to any localised corrosion which is just excellent from a condition assessment perspective. Knowing now what this type of drone can achieve, we would look at using it for future inspections where possible.” See the video here.