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PowerFox Drone Services

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We use drone technology to provide visual and inspection data of hard to reach places. At PowerFox we believe that our Drone Services should improve the safety and reduce the downtime and cost of your inspections. We specialise in the inspection of industrial Confined Spaces. Our service is all-in and includes convenient 24/7 access to your data. We partner with a specialist robotic inspection technology company and can offer complementary inspection services as an option.

We also offer photography based services to non-industrial customers.

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Our drone technology is applied across a wide variety of industries to inspect boilers, ducts, stacks, tanks, silos, vessels or any other confined or open space that would normally require time-consuming and costly preparations for personnel to access. In many cases the use of a drone can eliminate confined space entry altogether, making the inspection simpler, faster and safer. See our examples above to appreciate the kind of objects inspected by drone.

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Powerfox Drone Services is located in South East Queensland, providing drone services to both industrial and non-industrial clients. We specialise in indoor & confined space applications. With our engineering background, we are passionate about what we do and regard a high quality service as the norm. As the technology and application of drones evolves quickly, we welcome new ideas and look forward to realise them with you.

We are a CASA certified RPA operator and our licensed remote pilots are trained & qualified for industrial assignments.

Certified compliant with RPAS Operations standards by SGS Australia Pty Ltd – Aviation Compliance.

Mobile: 0407 001 296 | Email: info@powerfox.com.au